What If (Single)

by P1K

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What If is the spiritual successor to my song Crystal Heart. It's the only song that I've written this entire year. It's been a long one for me, but with this done I think I'm ready to face the next one.

It's a song about looking back and thinking how we could have changed things, and attempting to move on. I hope you guys enjoy it.


released December 8, 2014

What if and Crystal Heart are written and performed by P1K
When You're Offline is written by Turquoise Splash



all rights reserved


P1K Washington, D.C.

Hi! I'm P1K! I play Alternative/Punk rock! Hope you guys enjoy!

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Track Name: What If
Verse 1:
What if I was wiser
Had found the words to say
To pull you through those struggles
That you go through every day
But my message is forgotten
Empty words upon a screen

What if I was closer
Could hold you in my arms
And protect you from a world that's full of
Tragedy and harms
Oh I tried to be there for you
Was as close as I could be

Pre Chorus 1:
But instead I flew back home alone
My heart was torn in two
And it's taken me till now to see
I'm not the one for you

And though things may change in time
I think for now I'm moving on
And the words they finally flow enough
To help me sing this song

And I
Am not quite sure just what’s wrong with me
(It’s hard to see)
And I
Know now it just won't work with you and me
(It sets me free)
But if I
Can’t find a way to understand myself
How can I give
The life I live
To someone else

Verse 2:
What if I was better
Would that have made things change
With all these twists and turns
It's like my life's beenre-arranged
And after all of this I don't know
What I'm feeling anymore

What if things were different
What if we had met before
'Cause by the time I came upon you
You had gone and shut the door
So I'm staring through the window
And my heart's upon the floor

Pre Chorus 2:
But instead of standing there just dreaming
Of what might have been
I'll forget about the past and
Do my best to try again

And though things may change in time
I think for now I'm moving on
And the words they finally flow enough
To help me sing this song
Track Name: P1K and Turquoise Splash - When You're Offline
Verse 1
Tearing out this page
It’s so hard to write
Try to block out these thoughts in my mind
Wonder if they’ll fade
These memories of mine
Maybe they will wear over time

I often find myself
thinking of you from time to time

Remember back to all those summers
Where we would spend all day
Stay up late and talk for hours
Always knew just what to say
But then you went and found another
What we had is dead and gone
Although I think I’m starting to
Finally move on

Verse 2
I know you’ve got your friends
You know that I’ve got mine
I look forward to seeing them online
But you’re never there
I wait for a sign
I just keep telling myself I’m doing fine

I can’t deny what I felt inside
But I think it’s time I finally moved on
And I wonder when I’ll see you again
Where have you gone
Track Name: Crystal Heart
Verse 1:
I can't tell you when it started in my mind
When my thoughts would drift to you from time to time
But now it's slowly getting worse
It's like I'm trapped under a curse
A caring hand upon this lonely heart of mine

straight into Verse 2:
She seems so close, but she's so far away
And I never feel that I can find the words to say
But I don't want to break this spell
Or let these feelings just dispell
But all that I can do is take things day by day

Can't you see
This feeling's killing me
The words I say are never right
I try and try most every night
So know
That I can't let this go
But I'm not ready for this love to start
I want the words to be as clear
As a crystal heart

Verse 3:
If she were e'r to say that she was mine
Then I would be there for her till the end of time
But I can't tell her in the end
That I want more than just a friend
That I'm just searching for some refuge or a sign


Cause it isn't like I haven't felt this way before
But all those feelings did was leave me broken on the floor
So now I'm fearing that this love will end the same
Standing alone, my tears mixing with the rain


I can't tell you when it started in my mind
When I wanted to be with her until the end of time...